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As a previous client of Kip Shepard, I had the pleasure of working with an exceptional lawyer. He has tremendous knowledge and skill in his field. He patiently walked us through our cases and kept us informed of the proceedings. Good communication skills alone would not make Skip a good lawyer, but the fact that he is result oriented and has been successfully representing our firm over many years is what makes him stand out. Kip works with his clients on a case by case basis and is very reasonable when it comes to fees/costs. I am sure that he will meet or exceed your expectations as well.

– Rajukutty Mathew

Kip listened to me as I told him what I was going through. I was honest with him and he was honest with me. Kip took an interest in my situation and put his experience to work and got me the decision that my children and I needed. He fought for us and produced results that I had only imagined. I gained custody of my children and feel indebted to Kip for making that possible. Through his hard work, diligence, understanding, stubbornness and willingness to do the right thing, I’m happy to report that my children are happier than they’ve ever been. I am now able to see them behave as normal children without carrying the weight of an adult situation on their little shoulders. They are honor students and playing sports. I’m now positioned to save some money for my family because Kip did not try to drain me financially. His fees were fair and economical. He never let the issue of money cloud the end result and I truly appreciate him for that. Going to talk to him was one of the best things that I’ve done as a father. We’re living life now as we should. Our days are filled with love and laughter and I thank Kip for a large part of that. I’m a real person, real father and I had a real hard situation that was dealt with in a proper fashion. I’m all smiles now!

– Jamell Ingram