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Lilburn Ga Divorce Attorney Kip Shepherd

The percentage of married couples in Lilburn is higher than both the Georgia and national average. Unfortunately, this also means that Marriage Dissolution is a regular occurrence in the city. Divorce is an emotionally draining and disheartening process, especially when children and assets are involved. The process itself involves a great deal of legalities, and you need an experienced Lilburn GA divorce attorney to guide you through the process.. Kip Shepherd has the experience to answer all of your questions and fight for you.

Kip strives to be an advocate for those going through divorce. When Kip represents you in your divorce, you get over 20 years experience and a history of successful outcomes. According to a marriage counselor whether your divorce involves custody trials, alimony trials, property division trials, contested contempt hearings, or modification trials, we can help. The combination of our experience and knowledge will help your Lilburn divorce process to go more smoothly. Kip will help you actively involved throughout the process. He will represent you and make sure that even the most finite details of the law are being taken into account. He realizes the sensitivity and the challenges that go into getting a divorce. He works to make you happy as possible with the outcome.

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What To Look For In A Lilburn GA Divorce Attorney

Communication of a Lilburn Ga Divorce Attorney: When you choose a Lilburn GA divorce attorney, there are a few things to consider. The most common complaint involving divorce attorneys is that there was not good communication between the attorney’s office (or the attorney) and the client. When you work with Kip Shepherd, we know communication is essential for giving us the best information and the best outcomes. We make a commitment to providing an open communication channel so we can work effectively for you.

Testimonials of a Lilburn Ga Divorce Attorney: When you hire a divorce lawyer you need to know what their customers say about them. We keep a couple of public testimonials on our website for you to view, but we also have many individuals that we have helped along the way. We can refer you to individuals that we have helped through divorce if you want to get an idea of what it is like to work with our firm. Most of our clients are happy to offer the referral.

Experience of a Lilburn Ga Divorce Attorney: When it comes to experience, there aren’t many Lilburn GA divorce attorneys with more experience. Kip has been practicing law for over 22 years, and has seen all types of divorce cases, and how to resolve them. Each case is different and we understand that there isn’t a template for success, but we know how to guide you through the difficult process of divorce.

Attorney Fees of a Lilburn Ga Divorce Attorney: We are always fair and transparent when it comes to our fees. We will communicate with you throughout the process so you know what to expect from all areas of your divorce, including our fees.

Shared Values of a Lilburn Ga Divorce Attorney: When you hire a Lilburn GA divorce attorney, it is important that you share the same values and you can work well together. We invite you to give us a call so we can discuss your divorce. This will help you decide if Kip Shepherd is the right attorney to assist you with your divorce needs.

Divorce and Legal Separation Lawyer

courtroom-300x199Kip Shepherd has handled Lilburn GA divorce cases for over 24 years. Many divorces can be settled through mediation. However, if one spouse is not being reasonable it is necessary to appear before a Judge. Kip Shepherd has the experience to settle those cases which can be settled and aggressively litigate the cases which need to be litigated. Uncontested divorces in Gwinnett County take from 45-60 days from the date the divorce is filed. Legal separation is handled similar to a divorce. The primary difference is the parties cannot remarry.

Typically alimony is owed if one spouse makes more than double that of another spouse. The amount depends upon the spouse’s relative income. The length of alimony depends on the length of the marriage. Alimony is particularly awarded in instances where one spouse stays at home to raise the children and thus gives up opportunities to advance a working career.

Equitable property division is usually 50/50 including any retirement/pension accumulated during the marriage. Be aware of the balances on retirement and credit cards when divorce becomes an issue. It is not uncommon for a spouse to charge attorney fees to a joint credit card or borrow from retirement under the theory that the spouse is paying half anyway.

Child Support is awarded pursuant to the child support worksheets. The payer should ensure that child support is reduced as each child turns 18 or graduates high school. Child support is paid until the child is 18 or graduates high school but not later than 20 years of age. Frequently a child will graduate several months after his/her 18th birthday.

The income tax exemption for children goes to the parent the children live with for the majority of the year. The parent entitled to the exemption can agree to allow the other parent to have the exemption due to child support/income disparities, etc.

If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the Court will hold a hearing 45-60 days after filing. This is called a temporary hearing. The Judge decides, on a temporary basis, who gets custody, visitation, child support, who gets marital home place and, sometimes, who pays ongoing debt. After the temporary hearing the parties usually schedule mediation. According to some of the best divorce lawyers,  90% of divorces settle at this mediation. If the case does not settle at mediation it is usually 6 months or longer before the case is resolved.

Debts usually go with the items associated with the debt. For example, if you get the TV you have to take the payment with it. If you get the car, you get the payment as well.

Why you need a Lilburn GA divorce attorney:

  • Your spouse may not be telling you the truth
  • You are deciding the legal parameters for spending time with your most precious asset (your children)
  • You may not really know what is fair and reasonable
  • You are dividing everything you have accumulated during your marriage. For many this is practically all they have accumulated during their life.

FAQs about Divorce in Lilburn Ga

Q – Do I have to live in Georgia to get divorced?

A – Yes, one spouse must have lived in Georgia for at least 6 months. This is important to establish when you are attempting to gain divorce in a particular state.

Q – Where do I file for Divorce?

A – It is common to go to the counties Supreme Court to file for divorce. Although the procedure is not always difficult, we realize the challenges that face any divorce. We are here for all our clients in whatever ways we can make the process painless as possible.

Q – Does Georgia have a “no fault” divorce?

A – Yes, Georgia has a “no fault” divorce. One spouse must claim that the marriage is over. Most divorces in Georgia are no fault divorces.

Q – My husband and I have decided to get a divorce. Ive always stayed at home with the children. However, he says if I attempt to gain half of what he makes he will make my life difficult. He doesnt want me to hire an attorney. Should I?

A – Absolutely hire a good attorney! The judge is the one who will make a decision about what will happen to the assets, not your husband. You have also been the one with the children throughout the marriage. A good lawyer will be able to fight for you and your rights throughout the divorce.


Why we understand how difficult all this must be. It is common and you are not alone. The divorce can be a process that is simple or complicated depending on the existing relationship and friendship during the separation. Many people get through the process without complication. However, we are here for you in either case.